This is a blog now I guess

So, since my fics are all in my other communities, I'll be making this journal a blog of sorts I suppose.

So. My life, as told by me.

My summer has been super duper action packed thus far. I went to Florida for a week with a group of some of my closest friends.

I have sailing classes every Monday and Wednesday, since my school started a racing fleet and we'll be racing 420s once the club is up and running.

I have races (on my coach's Hunter27 boat) on Sundays and Wednesdays.

I do volunteer sailing on Fridays, during which I take disabled children sailing on these adorable adaptive boats.

I also work constantly.

And I hike now, to stay in shape.

I'm busy busy busy. But fics are still being updated, and life is good.

Not that it's of huge concern to you, but Alex and I are no longer dating. Please don't inquire further. I only bring it up because people often ask how we're doing. We're still friends. I still love him. But we are no longer together.

I'll make this blog interesting from now on, after this lame post.


Crossing Boundaries for Fire - Chapter 3

Title: Crossing Boundaries for Fire
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Violence, X-Men!AU!AR, Angst, Romance, Comedy
Summary: While governments around the world work hard to rid their lands of mutants, a group of mutants seeks out a safe place to hide from the prejudice of humans.
Warnings: Language, mentions of drugs
Authors: tees2mai & zaboomafoo76
Beta: princess_jaded

Prolougue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four |

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